Message from the Director

Welcome to UOB’s Issam Fares Faculty of Technology that has proven to be pioneer in introducing the new majors related to the latest technologies and trends.

Offering the highly sought-after fields in technology is essential to meet emerging needs of the market, broaden employment opportunities for students and prepare students for success in up-to-date majors.

The IFFT focuses its education in both languages, French and English, around six interesting fields for the industrial sectors:
Network and Telecommunications Engineering, Mechatronics Engineering, Civil Engineering Agronomic Engineering, Aeronautical Maintenance Engineering and Business Administration

The Issam Fares Faculty of Technology is the bridge to a satisfying professional life. The faculty’s graduates have an access to a wide range of career opportunities and professional integrations thanks to their training and the experience acquired as a result of projects developed in partnership with industries.

Thanks to an innovative pedagogy, the faculty of Technology is the organization that best prepare students to the world of business, following specific educational strategies, going from a careful follow-up of each student; passing by an education based on lectures, tutorials and practical works that are largely based on real problems using technical platforms that are constantly updated due to close partnerships with industries, getting to two internships in in the industrial sector that constitute a solid step towards a successful career.

IFFT graduates hold a degree in an area of expertise that gives them the opportunity to engage in further study. Our teaching programs follow the LMD system (License [Bachelor], Master, and PhD). Therefore, IFFT students have the advantage to pursue their studies in one of the many Masters Programs offered by engineering and business schools.

I wish every student to find his place in our faculty and to prepare, under the best condition, a successful professional integration and therefore a brilliant career.

Dr. Elias Khalil