BMW Munich at University of Balamand

On the 16th of October, a team from BMW specializing in Artificial Intelligence presented a seminar entitled “Artificial Intelligence in Logistics at BMW” organized by the Mechatronics Department, Issam Fares Faculty of Technology and the Computer Science Department, Faculty of Sciences.

Dr. Gilbert Tekli (Assistant professor in the Mechatronics Department) started the seminar by a welcome message and introducing the BMW team lead by Dr. Jimmy Nassif.

Dr. Nassif presented the vision of BMW and passed the stage to Mr. Norman Mueller and Mr. Boulos El Asmar who presented the main projects undergoing at the AI in Logistics team.

Mr. Daniel Neumeier presented afterwards Hackathon Beirut 2018, an event being held on December 17-18 in Beirut and organized by BMW, SPLUNK and INMINDS where teams from different universities in Lebanon will compete to solve a use case for the AI in Logistics team. The winners will be given the opportunity to do an internship in the main headquarters of BMW, Munich and will win a substantial financial prize.

Dr. Jimmy Nassif concluded the seminar with an interactive session with the students discussing possible collaborations.

The seminar was attended by a good number of faculty members, staffs, and students from various departments in Main and SEG campuses who showed positive and encouraged influence.

After the seminar, the BMW team had lunch with Dr. Rodrigue Imad (Chairman of the Mechatronics Department), Dr. Amine Bitar (Chairman of the Computer Science Department) and Dr. Gilbert Tekli who discussed possible collaborations in terms of joint projects and internships.